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Title:Intelligence in Transportation Infrastructures via Model-Based Predictive Control
Authors:R.R. Negenborn, H. Hellendoorn

Book title:Intelligent Infrastructures

Abstract:In this chapter we discuss similarities and differences between transportation infrastructures like power, road traffic, and water infrastructures, and present such infrastructures in a generic framework. We discuss from a generic point of view what type of control structures can be used to control such generic infrastructures, and explain what in particular makes intelligent infrastructures intelligent. We hereby especially focus on the conceptual ideas of model predictive control, both in centralized, single-agent control structures, and in distributed, multi-agent control structures. The need for more intelligence in infrastructures is then illustrated for three types of infrastructures: power, road, and water infrastructures.

Reference:R.R. Negenborn, H. Hellendoorn. Intelligence in Transportation Infrastructures via Model-Based Predictive Control. In Intelligent Infrastructures (R.R. Negenborn, Z. Lukszo, H. Hellendoorn, eds.), Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 3-24, 2010.

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