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15/16MSc TEL/TIL student projects: Find here for an overiew of possible topics

15/16Control of Intelligent Transport Infrastructures (ME1406)

In this course students will get familiar with automatic control techniques and their benefits and applications for control of different kinds of large-scale transport infrastructures. Theoretical concepts will be discussed on the one hand (in particular related to model predictive control), while finding out how these concepts could be applied in practice on the other. Example applications will come from the domain of large-scale transport infrastructures (road networks, water networks, electricity networks, intermodal transport networks).

Learning goals:
  • To list the main components of 4 large-scale transport infrastructures and trends in society that affect the operation of these infrastructures.
  • To explain how automatic control could be used to improve the operation of large-scale infrastructures.
  • To explain the system and control cycle.
  • To discuss the differences between centralized/single-agent and distributed/multi-agent control.
  • To discuss the differences between single-level and multi-level control.
  • To design a control structure for a large-scale transport infrastructure using model predictive control.

15/16Introduction Transport Engineering and Logistics (WB3420-11)
15/16Interdisciplinary Project (TIL5050-12)
15/16MSc Transport Engineering & Logistics Graduation Project (ME2190-35)
15/16MSc Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics Thesis Project (TIL5060)
15/16MSc Transport Engineering & Logistics Research Project (ME2130-15)
15/16MSc Transport Engineering & Logistics Literature Project (ME2110-10)
15/16Bachelor Eindproject (MB3BEP)

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