MSc student project topics

(for MSc students TEL and TIL)



Would you like to contribute to development of one of the following challenging and highly societally relevant topics with your MSc projects?
(This could be within the framework of a literature study, research assignment, graduation project, interdisciplinairy project, and could involve a company.)

    Water and land transport
  • Hovercrafts for Water+Land Transport: Investigating the potential of this new and innovative type of transport

  • Inland shipping, vessels, waterborne transport
  • Improving a recently proposed river model for efficient transport over water in cooperation with researchers in France (with possibly a research visit.)
  • Optimization and coordination for transport over delay-free and reliable inland shipping networks
  • Control for autonomous, intelligent, and coordinated vessel dynamics
  • Use of AIS vessel information data to derive actual, real life vessel behavior
  • Using autonomous car technology to create autonomous vessels

  • Container transport, container terminal control, port logistics, intermodal transport
  • Autonomous control for sustainable container terminals
  • Refrigerated container technology: Intelligent reefers for keeping goods cool in an energy efficient way
  • Real-time control for balancing of energy flows in and around container terminals
  • Design of an inter terminal transport system in the port of Rotterdam
  • Optimizing the performance of intermodal transport networks

  • Conveyor belt control
  • Improving the energy efficiency of conveyor belts with model predictive control

  • Lab setups
  • Detecting position and heading of vehicles (AGVs or vessels) using multiple low hanging overhead cameras

Intermodal/Synchromodal Transport, Intelligent Infrastructures, Terminal and Port Operations, Waterborne Transport
Optimization, (Predictive) Control, Operations Research, Autonomous Systems, Multi-agent Systems

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