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Title:Flexible collision-free platooning method for unmanned surface vehicles with experimental validations
Authors:B. Du, B. Lin, W. Xie, W. Zhang, R.R. Negenborn, Y. Pang

Abstract:This paper addresses flexible formation problem for unmanned surface vehicles in the presence of obstacles. Building upon the leader-follower formation scheme, a hybrid line-of-sight based flexible platooning method is proposed for follower vehicle to keep tracking the leader ship. A fusion artificial potential field collision avoidance approach is tailored to generate optimal collision-free trajectories for the vehicle to track. To steer the vehicle towards and stay within the neighborhood of the generated collision-free trajectory, a nonlinear model predictive controller is designed. Experimental results are presented to validate the efficiency of proposed method, showing that the vehicle is able to track the reference trajectory without colliding with the surrounded static obstacles.

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