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Title:A collaborative berth planning model for disruption recovery
Authors:X. Lyu, R.R. Negenborn, X. Shi, F. Schulte

Journal:IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Abstract:Traditionally, terminal operators create an initial berthing plan before the arrival of incoming vessels. This plan involves when and where to load or discharge containers for the calling vessels. However, disruption incurred by unforeseen events impedes the implementation of the initial plan, that is, arrival delays, equipment breakdowns, tides, or extreme weather. For terminals, berths and quay cranes are both scarce resources and their capacity limits the efficiency of port operations. Thus, one way to minimize the adverse effects caused by disruption is to ally different terminals to share berthing resources. In some challenging situations, terminal operators also need to consider the extensive transshipment connections between feeder and mother vessels. Therefore, this paper investigates a collaborative variant of the berth allocation recovery problem, which especially considers the collaboration among terminals and transshipment connections between vessels. A mixed-integer linear programming model is proposed to adjust the initial berth and quay crane allocation plan. The Squeaky Wheel Optimization heuristic is devised to find near-optimal solutions for large-scale problems. We conduct computational experiments, and the results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed strategy for terminal operators in response to disruptive events.

Reference:A collaborative berth planning model for disruption recovery. X. Lyu, R.R. Negenborn, X. Shi, F. Schulte. IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 3, pp. 153-164, 2022. Open access.
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