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Title:A novel method for joint optimization of the sailing route and speed considering multiple environmental factors for more energy efficient shipping
Authors:K. Wang, J. Li, L. Huang, R. Ma, X. Jiang, Y. Yuan, N.A. Mwero, R.R. Negenborn, P. Sun, X. Yan

Abstract:Energy saving and emission reduction have attracted a great deal of attention in the maritime industry due to the strict emission regulations and urgent need for energy efficient technologies. The optimization of a ship's energy efficiency can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions effectively. However, most of the extant studies focus on a single optimization aspect; namely, the optimization of the sailing speed or route. Accordingly, there are no studies on the joint optimization of the sailing route and speed that consider multiple environmental factors to bring about higher energy efficiency. A joint optimization combines the advantages of different optimization measures and thus provides greater potential for the improvement of a ship's energy efficiency. Therefore, a joint optimization method of the sailing route and speed is proposed in this paper. Moreover, a joint optimization model of the sailing route and speed is established, which is based on an energy consumption model that considers multiple environmental factors. Next, a solution algorithm for the joint optimization model is investigated in order to achieve joint decision-making with regard to the sailing route and speed. Finally, a case study is conducted that demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method. The results show that the proposed method can achieve the optimal sailing route and speed under complex environmental conditions, as well as a reduction in fuel consumption of about 4.1%.

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