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Title:Autonomous ship docking based on nonlinear model predictive control
Authors:S. Li, J. Liu, F. Ma, R.R. Negenborn

Conference:21st IFAC World Congress (IFAC2020)
Address:Berlin, Germany
Date:July 2020

Abstract:Autonomous shipping refers to the ability of a ship to independently control its own actions while transporting cargoes from one port to another, which put higher requirements on ship motion control methods. When a ship enters a port, it is important to ensure that the ship sails from the fairway area to the assigned position at the berth with a desirable speed and finally stopped at the desired position. Ship docking is known as one of the most challenging tasks due to the nonlinearity of low-speed ship movements and the high requirements on collision avoidance with the quayside. This paper proposes a nonlinear model predictive control-based approach, which gives optimal ship rudder angles and propeller revolution per second to automate the ship docking process at berths. At each sampling instant, a finite horizon optimal control problem is formulated based on a nonlinear ship maneuverability model, with the aim to bring the ship to the exact berthing position with minimum control efforts. Simulation experiments are carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Reference:S. Li, J. Liu, F. Ma, R.R. Negenborn. Autonomous ship docking based on nonlinear model predictive control. Accepted for the 21st IFAC World Congress (IFAC2020), Berlin, Germany, July 2020.
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