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Title:Port equipment and technology
Authors:R.R. Negenborn, D.L. Schott, F. Corman

Book title:Encyclopedia of Marine & Offshore Engineering

Abstract:The economic relevance of ports is related to the flows of goods they can handle and move, and it is strongly related to economic development. Due to trends in increasing port size, the effect of port size on economies of scale, and the tendency to bundle demand and operations into very large ports, port equipment and its management is becoming crucial for a port's efficiency. This chapter reviews the equipment and technology used at ports, with a major focus on containerized and dry bulk transport. An outlook over the future of port equipment points out their efficient management, with a clear trend for increasing support from ICT and automation. This happens at the level of individual machines, as well as at the level of stakeholders (community systems). Via the intelligent interaction of technology and equipment in a coherent integrated system, efficient inter-terminal and intra-terminal operations can be achieved.

Reference:R.R. Negenborn, D.L. Schott, F. Corman. Port equipment and technology. In Encyclopedia of Marine & Offshore Engineering (J. Carlton, P. Jukes, Y.S. Choo, eds.), Wiley, 2017. 9 pp.
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