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Title:Accessibility of ports and networks
Authors:F. Corman, R.R. Negenborn

Book title:Ports and Networks - Strategies, Operations and Perspectives

Abstract:As ports are increasingly confronted with congestion (on the road as well as on rail and on the water), accessibility has become a key port performance indicator. Overall accessibility is related to the ease of realizing a certain transport activity. Policies aimed at guaranteeing accessibility of ports are increasingly focused on management issues (so-called orgware and software), instead of on the building of new infrastructure (hardware). The aim of this chapter is to provide an accessible insight in different perspectives on accessibility and ways in which accessibility can be improved. Hereby, perspectives and measures are motivated with examples from the ports in the Hamburg-Le Havre range.

Reference:F. Corman, R.R. Negenborn. Accessibility of ports and networks. In Ports and Networks - Strategies, Operations and Perspectives (H. Geerlings, B.S. Kuipers, R.A. Zuidwijk, eds.), Edward Elgar Publishers, pp. 127-145, 2018.
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