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Title:Perspectives on transport of water versus transport over water
Authors:R.R. Negenborn, C. Ocampo-Martinez

Book title:Transport of Water versus Transport over Water

Abstract:This chapter discusses the characteristics of transport of water, transport over water, and their relations. A framework is proposed aimed at integration of operational control and management approaches related to both fields. Providing this framework enables discussing how solutions presented in the literature related to either one, or both fields, could in the future be merged into a unified control methodology. This methodology will enable balancing the transport of and over water objectives, while respecting operational constraints. The main features of the unified framework are discussed and an overview of the main points that need to be addressed in order to relate ongoing research to this framework is provided. A brief summary of the main topics investigated, problems and methodologies proposed of a survey of 22 research directions related to this framework is subsequently presented, including references to further, more detailed information. As such, this chapter serves as the introduction to the book "Transport of Water versus Transport over Water: Exploring the dynamic interplay between transport and water".

Reference:R.R. Negenborn, C. Ocampo-Martinez. Perspectives on transport of water versus transport over water. In Transport of Water versus Transport over Water (C. Ocampo-Martinez, R.R. Negenborn, eds.), Springer, pp. 1-10, 2015.
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