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Title:Collision avoidance of autonomous ships in inland waterways – A survey and open research problems
Authors:H. Anh Tran, T.A. Johansen, R.R. Negenborn

Conference:International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships 2023 (ICMASS'23)
Address:Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date:November 2023

Abstract:Promoting autonomous surface ships in inland waterways traffic (IWT) is a potential solution towards reducing road traffic and transport emission footprints. Over the last decade, there has been a growing research on autonomous ships for open waters. However, applying this research to the IWT domain is not straightforward. The IWT, due to its confined waterways, poses a different challenge than the open sea case. Due to the confined waterways, inland ships face several hydrodynamic phenomena that they rarely encountered in the open sea, such as shallow water, banks, or ship-to-ship effects. Furthermore, the higher traffic density in inland waterways also requires a different solution for sensing and control systems. This paper offers an overview of the current developments on autonomous collision avoidance for inland waterway ships that covering different problems of safety navigation for ship in IWT. A short analysis is presented to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. We also discuss the current research gaps and what could be improved to enable the operation of inland autonomous ships.

Reference:Collision avoidance of autonomous ships in inland waterways – A survey and open research problems. H. Anh Tran, T.A. Johansen, R.R. Negenborn. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2618 (ICMASS'23), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 2023. Open access.
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